The Future of the Masonic Archive and Library late from the old Rosemary Street, Building in Belfast.

In the next two or three months, the Board of General Purposes from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim will decide on the future of the Museum and Library collections, that were originally held in Rosemary Street, Belfast. This, the second largest collection of Masonic books and artefacts, in Ireland in both terms of Quantity and Quality and is under serious danger of being broken up, dispersed and lost forever, unless Brethren make their views known, in writing to The Provincial Grand Lodge Secretary. P.G.L. of Antrim Office, 4th Floor Hampton House, 53 High Street, Belfast. BT1 2QS. or by e-mail to If you are an Antrim Mason, encourage your Lodge Secretary to write on behalf of the Lodge, and, if you are a Brother Mason, with a love of our history, from further afield, then please get in touch with P.G.L. and express your support for retention of the collection.Sadly, we have already lost control of our unique three panel Luke mural, which has been transferred to the developers, and as a matter of urgency, I would call on you all, to step forward and support the retention and development of our masonic collections, for the benefit of all.

Rt Wor Bro Robert Bashford. Irish Lodge of Research.