The Gift of Irish Freemasonry   Veiled in Allegory-illustrated by 

Grand Master talks to            Grand Master Radio Interview
Robert Bashford                    on BBC Radio Foyle

Dilemmas of Freemasonry       Why Ancients & Moderns?

A Charge to the Fraternity      Masonic-Forget-me-not

The Four Crowned Ones          Tour of the House of The

 Fort Dunree & Inishowen      Freemason's & the Greek
 Friends of Messines              War of Independence
Little Masonic Cantata by     Poppies for Remembrance       
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   

Dulce et Decorum Est             Anthem For Doomed Youth

Fort Dunree Part 1                  Fort Dunree Part 2

Remembrance Part 1              Review 2011

1st Anniversary                       The Story of the Laurentic

Prov Grand Lodge of Antrim     RAC No 89, Ballycastle
What Kind of Man are you?     Grand Lodge of Ireland Video 

Freemasonry 121212               Downpatrick Masonic Hall
Re-Dedication James Orr
Memorial, Ballycarry                Images of Ireland

The Man Behind the Mason      
with Bill Howie                        Lough Swilly RNLI

Fort Dunree 2014                  From Malin to Mizen
Greece 2014                      International Summer Workshop

Review 2014                         Fr Brian D'Arcy @ Iveagh

Cork 2014                            Lodge CC Centenary

Lodge 121 Lisburn                 Review 2015
Redhall Masonic Lodge No 260