6th Anniversary of www.irishfreemasonry.com

15th January 2017 – Our Sixth Anniversary.

I joined the Masonic Order in a small country lodge called Moyarget in 1977 and have been on a marvellous journey of discovery ever since. I became a correspondence circle member of The Irish Lodge of Research in 1980 and since then have developed a keen interest in and knowledge of Masonic research into the history, symbols and traditions of Freemasonry under the Constitution of The Grand Lodge of Ireland. In that time I have visited Lodges in England, Scotland, France, Denmark, Greece, Turkey and Washington DC.

Then in 2010 I received an invitation to produce and present a one hour video presentation on the history of The Grand Lodge of Ireland, which was to be one small part of an initiative by The Grand Lodge of Indiana to bring on a weekly basis, throughout the year 2011, a series of presentations from researchers around the globe, to their membership in Indiana. As a result of that invitation, I was dragged into the digital age. Part of the project involved question and answer sessions on the presentation, so as a consequence, on the 15th January 2011, we opened a new Irish Masonic website known as www.irishfreemasonry.com.

I was very fortunate, in receiving great help and support, in the technical fields of video production, audio production and digital programming and support from Mrs Yolanda McClintock, who is highly knowledgeable and experienced in these matters, and with her considerable assistance, we went live on the 15th of January 2011. This tied in very well with The Grand Lodge of Indiana who presented my talk in the middle of January that year, which went on to be viewed by large numbers of Brethren around the globe. One aspect of our work was particularly remarked on, which was a short introduction to our viewers on the Island of Ireland, before we launched into the talk proper.

As in all Masonic endeavours, we slowly built up our content, with a series of Articles, Blogs, Medals, Tableware, Book Reviews, Photo Galleries, Tokens and Links. We enclose below links to a couple of our annual video presentations, made and posted at the start of 2012 :

And 2015

Review 2015 from Yolmac on Vimeo.

Our statistics continue to improve year on year and we are now sitting just short of 400,000 views since we set the site up in 2011.  We hope you will enjoy a look at these earlier clips, and that they will bring back some happy memories of times now past. And please feel free to go back into our extensive archives, where many other gems await your fresh discovery.  If however there are any events coming up, new commemorative jewels being struck, Lodges being formed, Warrants being returned, then please do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail and we will try and record same for posterity.