Freemasonry in the town of Ballymena 1730 - 2017

Royal Arch Masonry in Belfast

6th Anniversary of

Some thoughts on the early development of the Irish Three Degree Craft System

Temple Masonic Lodge No 51 I.C.

2nd international Masonic Summer Workshop, Athens, Greece 2015

Culture Night, Dublin 2015

Early History of Freemasonry in Bengal, India

Decoding the Real Lost Symbols

St John the Evangelist

2014 Our Centenary Year

Remembrance 2014

Irish Constitutional Lodges in Canada

Bi-Centenary of the issue of Warrant No 1014 to Ballycarry

1st International Masonic Workshop - Athens, Greece, 2014

Emerald Isle Lodge XIX talk by Wor Bro Chris McClintock

21 Years of the Masonic Male Voice Choir

Ballycarry Charity Breakfast for RNLI 2014

Excellent Kings Talk Irish Chapter of Research 2014

Eureka Dundalk Lodge and its Membership

The Mysterious Pillars of Craft Masonry

Wor Bro Chris McClintock speaks to Boynton Lodge of Esoteric Research, Florida

Teddies For Loving Care

From Malin to Mizen - Wor Bro Paddy Belton

Attack on Freemasons

'The History of Freemasonry 1885' by R F Gould

Royal Arch Masonry in Ireland in the early 19th Century

Irish Royal Arch Masonry 

Lodge No 398, Portlaoise

Offices of the Craft Lodge

Some Duties and functions of a Master Mason

Bro Joey Dunlop, OBE

Early Royal Arch Chapter Records

The Story of the Handcock Family

The Working Tools - An Operative Perspective

German Masonic Encyclopedia

Entered Apprentice Tracing Boards

The Story of the Travelling Gavels

Ballybay Lodge No 192 meeting of 15.05.12

The Addergoole 14 and the sinking of The Titanic

Freemasonry and The Titanic

Visiting a Texas Lodge

Most Wor Grand Master Radio Interview

St Patrick and Freemasonry

The Apron and the Sword

1st Anniversary of

Brither Rabbie Burns - A son of Light

HMS Laurentic

Review 2011


Final meeting of Press Lodge No 432

An Olympic Freemason

Sir Robert Moray Lodge No 1641 S.C.

Lodge Anniversaries

Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial

Travels of a Prestonian Lecturer

Masonic Forget-me-not

Illuminated Addresses

North Munster District Grand Chapter

History of Lodge 367, Downpatrick

History of Sphinx Lodge No 107 I.C. Sri Lanka 

History of Freemasonry in Limerick 

Friends of Innishowen

History of Cairncastle Lodge No 788 I.C.

St Patrick's Lodge No 199 - Travels of a lodge Bible

Some Thoughts for Incoming Masters

In Memoriam - Rt Wor Bro Leslie V Johnston

Shannondale Lodge No 816 - 50 Year History

History of Oldstone Lodge No 56, Antrim