Masonic Encyclopedia 2

We are very grateful to Wor Bro Jens Rusch for his support and encouragement of which he has featured extensively on his superb German Masonic site 

As most of you know, Freemasonry continues to grow and expand throughout Europe and sites such as this are great ambassadors for the craft.  It is important that we in Ireland keep abreast of all the many new developments in Freemasonry worldwide and play our part in promoting the advantages of the Order.  We hope that you will all enjoy this opportunity to view Freemasonry from a slightly different European perspective.

Jens is an outstanding artist and you can view some of his other work on 

As you will see, Jens is a true artist with a great depth of vision and feeling.

Click on image below to view one of Jens' publications, of which I am humbled and honoured to be featured in.